Whitney Houston Casket Photo—Someone Is Let Off the Hook for Picture

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The Whitney Houston casket photo is being laid to rest just like Whitney herself. An unidentified person is responsible for taking a picture of the dead pop singer when she was in her coffin during last Friday’s private viewing at Whigham Funeral Home in Newark, New Jersey. It ended up on the cover of National Enquirer this week. That individual is being let off the hook because Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston, doesn’t want to investigate the matter any longer, TMZ reports.

In a separate report Thursday and Friday, Cissy Houston was so enraged by the Enquirer image that she wanted a list of suspects to take polygraph tests. Apparently she’s in so much grief, it’s not important. The Houston family is hurt by who would do this to them. Losing Whitney was a huge blow to everyone, especially Cissy and her granddaughter, Bobbi Kristina. Seeing Whitney Houston on the cover of National Enquirer just made their loss that much harder.

Whitney’s mother might feel that no matter who took the open casket picture at the funeral home, it won’t bring her daughter back. By looking at the image, it’s obvious someone present at the private viewing snapped the picture because it’s an authentic photo, TMZ added. It’s not known how many people attended Whitney Houston’s private viewing, but there was someone untrustworthy among that day.

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