Whitney Houston Cause of Death Having Negative Effect on Bobbi Kristina?

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Whitney Houston’s death is hard for her family to handle but could her cause of death actually be having an effect on her daughter, Bobbi Kristina? It is widely believed that Whitney died after taking some pills and perhaps mixing them with alcohol, which could be having an impact on Bobbi Kris in a negative way.

Rumors have been swirling thFile:Flickr Whitney Houston performing on GMA 2009 5.jpgat Whitney’s only daughter has a substance abuse problem. The way that her mom passed away could be weighing heavily on her, more so than if she had been killed in some sort of freak accident (if you will). Seeing a parent or a close friend suffering with addiction in any form can be difficult but having them die as a result of said addiction (presumably)—well that can rub you a different way.

Sources say that Bobbi Kristina is struggling with her mother’s death, and while that’s expected, some are wondering if Whitney Houston’s cause of death could actually be making things worse for Bobbi. “Whitney’s passing is sending Bobbi off the deep end. Bobbi’s problems are out of control,” an insider tells Us Weekly. One can only hope that Whitney’s addictions and her tragic death provide a lesson for her 18-year-old daughter rather than a path to follow.

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