Whitney Houston Cause of Death Stress Related?

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Whitney Houston has been dead for just over a week and people are still wondering how she died. While she was found in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, no one knows exactly what caused her death, and many factors could have contributed. With a toxicology report not due back for a few more weeks, manFile:Flickr Whitney Houston performing on GMA 2009 4.jpgy are trying to glue together the pieces. There was something that Clive Davis said that is making people wonder if stress may have contributed to Whitney’s untimely death.

“I’ve been swimming every day. I’m committed to getting my high notes back. No cigarettes. Clive I’ll be ready by August,” Clive said Whitney told him. Could the pressures of a possible comeback have caused Whitney added anxiety and stress? It is very possible. She seemed to want to get back on top and perhaps she was nervous that she wouldn’t succeed. Even at her funeral people were talking about how modest she was and how she feared that she wasn’t “good enough.”

While stress and panic may have not been the sole cause of Whitney Houston’s death, it may be safe to say that it attributed to her excessive drinking and/or her use of prescription drugs. The pressures to be “great” in Hollywood are ridiculous and while you might think that most celebrities have it all… it’s cases like this that makes one think again.

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