Whitney Houston Cause of Death: Was Money Making Pop Icon Unhappy?

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Whitney Houston has been laid to rest; and though her cause of death has not been announced, there are many theories as to what really happened that fateful day swirling around.

Whitney’s longtime friend, Chaka Khan, spoke exclusively to OK! magazine in the UK and gave quite a bit of insight into what happened to the popstar and why having money made Whitney’s life a lot harder instead of easier.

“What I want is for Whitney to be allowed to rest in peace. I thank God I pulled it together. I have been clean for seven years now,” she said. “In Whitney’s case, in the end, it was all about the money. People with the most money are the most unhappy people in the world. It can’t buy you love.”

So was money the ultimate cause of Whitney Houston’s death? Was she so unhappy being a celebrity that it ended up killing her in the end?

Luckily, Chaka Khan saw herself going into despair and turning to drugs for solace but this was something that Whitney seemingly couldn’t see for herself. For some reason, Whitney was consumed by her demons and in the end, it’s most likely what killed her.

Sadly, all the money in the world wasn’t enough to save the troubled pop icon.

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