Whitney Houston Dead, Celebs Blame Bobby Brown

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Whitney Houston is dead and now the blame game is beginning with many in Hollywood and even fans, blaming the late singer’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, for her demise.

Of course, Bobby Brown is also suffering the ramifications of Whitney’s death in his own way, so to blame him right now probably isn’t the best thing for people to do. However, celebs in Hollywood seem to be whispering about Bobby at pre-Grammy parties and placing blame for the singer’s drug issues on him.

A source told the Chicago Sun Times that :

Another guest at the Davis party Saturday, who asked not to be identified due to his close professional relationship with Davis, also said, “More than a few people … actually, a lot of people at the party were whispering about Bobby Brown — many blaming him for contributing to Whitney’s downfall.”

Yes, maybe Bobby Brown was toxic for Whitney Houston, but he can’t be completely to blame. In fact, there isn’t even a confirmed cause of death yet. Everyone is just assuming she had a drug relapse, but maybe it was accidental and she just fell asleep after taking some Xanax, which is a tranquilizer.

So, to jump to conclusions and blame Bobby Brown right now is a bit premature—even though it’s understandable that Whitney’s friends and celebs who knew who might feel he is at fault.

Do you think people should be placing blame so soon? Shouldn’t they at least wait for autopsy results to come in first?

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