Whitney Houston Death Causes Bobbi Kristina to Enter Rehab?

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Whitney Houston has only been dead for one week and rumors are already flying that her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, could end up going to rehab. This, however, wouldn’t be to help her cope with the loss of her mother… this would be for her to get help with one thing that could have killed her mother… substance abuse.
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“Bobbi has struggled with substance abuse issues for the last three or four years and the family wants her to seek out professional help at a 60-day live-in treatment facility before her problems get worse,” sources tell TMZ.

Of course if this is true, you’d have to hope that Whitney’s untimely passing would help Bobbi Kristina in a way that she didn’t see coming. Perhaps she will be driven to stop using and to preserve her life. If she learned from her mother’s mistakes, one life sacrificed could save another. At the same time, Whitney Houston’s daughter may feel the need to use more (drugs or alcohol) and this could turn in to a bigger issue.

Do you think Bobbi Kristina should go to rehab?

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