Whitney Houston Death Causes Bobbi Kristina Worry

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Whitney Houston’s death has caused a lot of people to worry about her only daughter, Bobbi Kristina. There have been rumors that Bobbi isn’t making good decisions in her life right now (a lot of that has to do with her spending time with her “adopted brother,” Nick Gordon) and many fear that she will begin (or continue) to get involved File:Flickr Whitney Houston performing on GMA 2009 5.jpgwith drugs and alcohol—not unlike her mom and dad (Bobby Brown).

“Everyone is worried about Bobbi. [She] just doesn’t want anyone’s help. She’s lost,” a source tells Us Weekly. Of course no one can expect Bobbi Kristina to just snap out of it and act normal—she just lost her mother and best friend. Things like this take time and while her family is worried about her, she may be okay if given her space.

Whitney Houston was very close to Bobbi Kristina, but it seems like Bobbi wants to do her mother proud. She may be just fine—at least that’s what people hope.

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