Whitney Houston Death Photo Released by ‘National Enquirer’

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Whitney Houston’s death photo has been released by The National Enquirer. The photo shows the singer in her casket at a private viewing for family and close friends the day before her New Jersey funeral.

This is so disgusting. The fact that someone, who is considered family by the Houstons, could take a photo of Whitney’s open casket is terrible. This person not only photographed the private viewing, but sold the pictures to a tabloid. How disrespectful!

This is heartbreaking for Whitney Houston’s family who are already dealing with so much. Between Bobbi Kristina’s allegedly problems, the media, and all the grief they likely feel after Whitney’s passing, this death photo was the last thing the family needed.

Hopefully, there is some way to get this photo out of the tabloids. However, in today’s internet driven culture, the damage has been done. Those wishing to see the disturbing picture probably have already viewed it.

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