Whitney Houston Tribute Nearly Marred by Ray J?

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Was the poignant Whitney Houston tribute at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards nearly marred by the presence of Ray J? It seems his seat was the issue and Whitney’s family members went so far as to ask security to have him moved.

According to a report from TMZ, the singer was seated right next to Whitney’s family, including daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown and sister-in-law and manager Pat Houston. It was Pat who asked security to have Ray J removed from his seat and located elsewhere inside the venue. Ray J, however, refused to move.

Pat Houston is among a group of Whitney’s relatives who believe Ray J was somehow partly responsible for her drug issues, and therefore for her demise. That hasn’t been confirmed, and Ray J has adamantly professed his love and concern for his late friend. He was clearly bothered by being asked to move and later was heard complaining about the incident to friends.

“Pat ruined what was a great opportunity to honor the woman who I loved,” he said.

Security eventually convinced Pat Houston that forcing Ray J to switch seats would likely turn physical and would no doubt turn up filmed and hitting the internet within minutes. It would also have coincided with the tribute to Whitney Houston that was about to take place.

Was Pat Houston overstepping her bounds by asking security to remove Ray J from his seat at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards? She seemingly bullied the show’s producers earlier about Bobbi Kristina Brown accepting Whitney’s posthumous award, believing she should be the one to accept it instead.

Fortunately the tribute to Whitney Houston was lovely, but the underlying angst had to have been felt by all, especially daughter Bobbi Kristina.

What’s your take on Pat Houston’s actions and motives? Should she have backed off a bit where the entire Billboard Music Awards evening was concerned?

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