Whitney Houston, Turned Down for Plastic Surgery for Health Reasons

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Whitney Houston wanted plastic surgery. She wanted a face lift, a procedure that is very common for many women to have. However, the doctor said she could not have surgery after a series of medical tests were performed on Houston two weeks before her recent death. Houston did not pass the tests, therefore, no surgery.

Houston’s heart, lungs, and liver were tested and Dr. Marc Mani, plastic surgeon, said Whitney Houston could not have plastic surgery. Is this just a story that someone made up about Houston or is it true? Dr. Mani has refused to comment. All he would say is that Houston was concerned about her appearance. RIP Whitney Houston: 1963 - 2012Isn’t that the reason most women get a face lift? Was it her heart, lungs or liver that made the doctor say no to plastic surgery? Were Houston’s health problems serious?

A face lift does require the patient to be put under anesthetic and if the patient is in poor health, a doctor can refuse to do an elective surgery. It is hard to speculate what the tests showed and how the doctor determined that surgery wouldn’t happen for Whitney Houston. But the question is, do the results of those tests coincide with the reason for her death or not?

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