Whitney Houston’s Daughter Clashes with Grandmother before Birthday

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Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is clashing with her grandmother just days before her 19th birthday. Cissy Houston doesn’t want 22-year-old Nick Gordon in the same household as her granddaughter because she doesn’t feel the adopted son of Whitney is good for her.

Bobbi’s birthday is March 5th, and it’s bad enough her mom isn’t around to celebrate it with her. The one person she’s reportedly close to now might have to leave her side, and she’s not happy about it, according to a source who spoke with Hollywood Life.

The insider shared:

[Bobbi Kristina] is determined to continue living in the same house she lived in with her mom these past years. As far as Nick Gordon is concerned, he is like her brother, and I seriously doubt Cissy will be able to evict him from the house. He is Krissy’s closest friend right now.

Whitney Houston’s daughter reportedly isn’t interested in spending her 19th birthday with family in LA or New Jersey. She doesn’t feel there’s anything to celebrate, which is easy to understand why. It’s only been two weeks since she said goodbye to her mother, and Whitney was her best friend. It sounds like Nick Gordon is the only one she wants to spend time with on what’s suppose to be her special day. Will Cissy Houston be successful in evicting Bobbi’s brother from her home?

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