Whitney Houston’s Death Causes LeAnn Rimes to Break Down

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Ever since she passed, Whitney Houston has on the mind of everyone, and certainly every singer who was ever influenced by this great talent. Her untimely death particularly affected LeAnn Rimes who was singing a tribute to the 48-year-old legend when she broke down.

What happened was that Rimes was about to go on stage in Reno, Nevada on the weekend at the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino when she learned of Whitney Houston’s passing. At this point, and since she cared so much, she honored this icon by starting to sing her hit, I Will Always Love You.

But Rimes wasn’t able to get through the haunting number without shedding tears as she sang. She was half way through the familiar song and just faltered due to her grief.

That being said, LeAnn remarked of the loss of Whitney Houston and her attempt to give a musical honorarium; “The tribute to her came from my heart, which was truly broken like the rest if the world.”

She also tweeted before hitting the stage, saying, “‘Wow, I learned how to do what I do because of 3 great women, one being Whitney [Houston]. She was always so kind to me.”

And so as the accomplished singer learned of her kind mentor’s death, LeAnn Rimes broke down during her impromptu tribute in Reno. Sad, but certainly understandable.

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