Whitney Houston’s Death: Geraldo Rivera Goes Too Far With Bobby Brown Bashing?

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The people using their fame as a podium to bash Bobby Brown today need to take a step back and look at the damage this might do, especially the people who pride themselves on being a professional journalist, namely Geraldo Rivera. Whitney’s only daughter is also Brown’s daughter and what’s said about Brown is an attack on Bobbi Kristina’s father. She doesn’t need to hear this today and out of respect for her and her late mother this shouldn’t happen. Rivera’s horrific, harsh and accusatory words about Brown probably puts him as the biggest offender so far, although it’s hard to imagine anyone could go any further than he’s gone with defaming Brown.

Whitney Houston’s death has caused fingers to point Bobby Brown’s way as the person to blame for her demise. This doesn’t make sense considering Whitney was an intelligent and independent woman who could make up her own mind about which path to follow in life. What matters most today is the people she’s left, namely her 18-year-old daughter who adored her mother. On Sunday night, Geraldo used his fame to state his personal opinions on Brown for the entire nation to hear and while doing that, of course he simultaneously dragged Bobbi Kristina’s father through the mud.

Not only did Rivera put down Brown, Whitney’s ex-husband, but he put down Brown, Bobbi Kristina’s father. “I am very harsh on my feelings on (Bobby Brown). I think that he threw (Whitney) off a cliff when they got together. That reality show they had, ‘Being Bobby Brown,’ indicated how desperately dysfunctional they were,” were the words Rivera started out with.

Talking about Brown as a father is when Rivera went for the juggler, “She (Bobbi Kristina) doesn’t need her dad especially if unsupervised he’ll probably give her something to make her feel better so she doesn’t grieve. It’s so awful. I hate to be mean but I really don’t think very much of him at all. Bobby Brown was a member of New Edition and hasn’t done anything since but live off Whitney Houston’s millions,” according to the website Back in Memphis.

This doesn’t seem right, especially at this time when this young woman is barely holding on. She needed to go to the hospital after she became overcome with grief and hearing comments like these cannot work at helping.

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