Whitney Houston’s Family Invites Mel Gibson to Funeral

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In a truly astonishing turn of events, Whitney Houston’s family has invited Mel Gibson to the late star’s funeral. Who knew the troubled songstress and the woman-beating actor/director were even acquaintances, much less close friends?

Whitney Houston’s family has reportedly invited much maligned and embattled actor/director Mel Gibson to the late music diva’s funeral on February 18. Sources close to the family say that a few years ago, Gibson reached out to Whitney during “a very dark period of her life…when [she] was about as bad off with drugs and alcohol as she ever was…” Gibson reportedly came to her rescue, quietly, privately, and without publicity or fanfare. He spent a great deal of time with her, trying to help her break her downward cycle of substance abuse. The Houston family never forgot his kind efforts. To show their extreme appreciation, they extended him an invitation to the funeral. Unfortunately, because of family commitments of his own, he will not be able to attend.

So. there you have it. Mel Gibson–angel of mercy. Who would have “thunk” it? Looks like Whoopi Goldberg was right when she said Mel Gibson wasn’t a racist.

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