Whitney Houston’s Secret Son Mourns Her Death

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Whitney Houston had a “secret” son whom she raised as her own from the time he was a wee tot. His name is Nicholas Gordon, and on February 12, he tweeted several messages of grief over the loss of his “mom” as well as thanks to her fans.

Nicholas Gordon thought of the late Whitney Houston as his mom, and he still does. The singer raised the 22-year-old as her son along with Bobbi Kristina, her daughter by Bobby Brown. Very few people knew about Nicholas and his relationship to Whitney, but he was so close to Houston and her family that Bobbi Kristina Brown thinks and speaks of him as her brother. After receiving the news of Whitney’s tragic and untimely death, the devastated Nicholas took to his Twitter page and posted several messages about his surrogate “mother,” and what she meant to him and to her fans.

“Rest in peace,” wrote Nicholas, adding: “She has always had the most loyal fans and will continue too. Thank you. The Legend will always and forever live on.”

On Feb. 13, he wrote again: “Thank you all for your support.”

Right now, it’s uncertain where Nicholas Gordon is. It’s assumed he’s with Bobby Kristina and the rest of the family trying to help her through this truly horrific time. And trying to get through it himself.

Death ends a life, but not the relationships established in that life. Best wishes to Nicholas, Bobby Kristina, and the rest of Whitney Houston’s family. Stay strong.

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