‘Whitney’ Season 2, Episode 5 ‘Hello Giggles’ recap

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So did you know Alex (Chris D’Elia) went to Northwestern? He did. And they’ve asked him to give a guest lecture. Which is huge, right? No, really, it’s quite an honor. He doesn’t seem all that nervous. That lack of fear might be the weirdest thing about him. Whitney (Cummings) is very rah rah about it all. Or is she? Because she encourages him to use accents during his speech. Why? Your guess is as good as anyone’s. Also? Whit’s mom is even more batty than the show keeps saying Whit is because she threw her daughter a sweet 16 when she was 18. This explains a lot.

They stop off at the bar first (as you do), and Mark (Dan O’Brien) offers the helpful suggestion that Alex stave off nerves by popping one of the pills that is always falling out of Whit’s bag. This starts off the running gag of the episode with Whit having a pill for everything. Need to stay awake? Ask her. Need to get some sleep? Ask her. Need to figure out how to tie a bowtie? Go to Mendeavors.

So Alex gives his speech. Whit tries to nag all the students around her into listening attentively. They roll their eyes at her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a pill for that. She does wind up taking a kid’s phone when he won’t stop texting. So he pulls out another phone and snaps a pic of her. Alex meanwhile seems to be doing well. He does use an accent, but still, he’s doing okay until he falls off the stage, entreating “God, not this way.”

Everyone is shocked and concerned. Everyone but Whit. She starts cackling. The episode title might be giggles, but it’s definitely more of a cackle that bursts forth. Alex is pissed.

Later, they return home and Whit is remorseful, but she can’t stop laughing. Alex is really angry and hurt, and that’s before he finds out she uploaded the video to Facebook. She took it down, but her mom reposted it. Really. This does explain a lot. Alex leaves to walk it off.

Later, he tells her that a professor saw his speech and invited him to speak. He isn’t so interested in doing it. So of course Whit goes ahead and accepts the offer on his behalf. He is pissed. He tells her she’s just like her mother. Gasp.

Whit goes to the bar and tells Roxanne (Rhea Seehorn) and Lily (Zoe Lister Jones) all her troubles. As they sit and commiserate, they each realize that they might sort of be turning into their mothers. The horror. They each resolve not to let this happen and Whit goes home to apologize to Alex and to show him that she is not her mother. She loves him and knows when his birthday is and everything. She also tells him that while she laughed, she really admires him because he got up from that fall and finished his speech and it was awesome. They make up.

Photo: Stop fighting and sit down! Whitney starts in 10 minutes, East Coast.

Roxanne meanwhile realized that she doesn’t trust men because her mother drilled that into her head, hence the weird stool wrestling with Mark. She lets him help her with her jacket and it’s about the weirdest most awkward thing you can imagine. They share a moment, and then immediately run from each other. Ah, young love.

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