Who Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Fans Of?

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Pop singing stars have their sports loves, too. Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez are no exception. The duo took time out of their busy schedule to call up a certain athlete personally to congratulate him on his victory.

Bubba Watson admits Bieber called him after winning The Masters

If it were Tiger Woods the news wouldn’t be that big, but when Bubba Watson opened up in an interview with Jason Kennedy from E! News, he admitted only one person called him after his victory at The Masters. For those who don’t remember, Watson came very close to losing the tournament when he entered a sudden death playoff in the last round. His ball sliced into the tree on the second hole but through some luck and excellent golf he recovered onto the green and sank a short put for his first major championship. After a tearful celebration with friends and family, Watson said his phone rang and it was tween sensation Justin Bieber calling to wish him a heartfelt congratulations. He even chatted with the young stars’ teen idol girlfriend Selena Gomez. Such a high-profile pair of fans is something a self-made golfer like Watson cherishes.

Interview happened at Tim Tebow tournament amidst Tiger Woods rumors

For those who don’t remember, Bieber and Watson actually met before a year earlier. Watson gave the young man tips on his golf swing that proved helpful. The Masters champion talked about all that the Tim Tebow charity golf event where many PGA experts quietly wondered how it was Watson getting phone calls from Bieber and not Tiger Woods. While Bubba took control in sudden death, the once unbeatable Woods posted his worst score in Masters history. With 14 major championships under his belt, Tiger knows how Bubba feels talking with major celebrities after winning maybe golf’s greatest tournament. It’s a feeling he wants back and could explain why he’s on his fourth swing coach since his pro career began. Meanwhile Watson has never had a swing coach, which could explain why he’s slightly more outgoing than Woods.

The truth is Bubba Watson earned everything he got when he sank that last put at The Masters. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez didn’t call him because he was suddenly popular. They called to congratulate a friend. How often did that happen to Tiger Woods? The Tim Tebow charity event wasn’t meant to show championship golf, but it did show some juicy gossip. It’s doubtful anyone would have expected Watson to take part in it.

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