Who are the most stylish pretty women ever?

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Who are the most stylish pretty women ever? Do they follow current fashion trends or wear trendy clothes? Tommy Hilfiger—designer for women of fashion is launching his label’s 25th anniversary, selling clothes online. When asked which stylish icons he turned to for inspiration, he chose: Jackie Kennedy for her effortlessly classic American style.

Marilyn Monroe—for her one of her famous fashion trends: the illusive white billowy dress statement. Then also, there was her casual sexy outfit: “a pair of jeans and a white oxford shirt” says Hilfiger. He chose Beyoncé—one of many icons known for wearing trendy clothes. Beyoncé is one of many famous women of fashion where her silhouette celebrates women of all body types—current fashion trends seem to be following suit.

Two other pretty women in Hilfiger’s list are Ali MacGraw for drawing you in with her looks and Grace Kelley is a classic beauty and “the ultimate definition of charm”.

What do you think? Do stylish icons consist of current celebrities following fashion trends (caught wearing trendy clothes)? Do they appear timeless, like iconic pretty women of the silver screen? Those beauties always seemed to look so polished and put together.

Or what about the woman with flawless makeup, simply walking down the street? These women are no icons, but they follow fashion trends and look like they could have stepped out of the pages of a glossy magazine. Yet the fashion paparazzi pay these women no attention. Do you think Mr. Hilfiger is right? Would you add to this list?

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