‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Recap ‘Edie Falco’ on NBC

Who Do You Think You Are? gives celebrities an opportunity to trace their family history. Presented in part by ancestry.com, this episode finds award-winning actress, Edie Falco tracing her roots to learn about her mother’s side of the family. Fans already know her as Nurse Jackie or Carmella Soprano, now they get to know exactly where she came from.

As the episode starts, Edie discusses checking her lineage and feelings she has because she has two adopted children. She heads to her mother’s house in Long Island, New York and her mother brings out the family tree and some pictures of people her mom hardly remembers. Edie’s great-grandfather George took his mother’s name McGrath, not his father’s name Brown. They believe he was born in Wales. In 1920, George was 43 and listed his birthplace as Wisconsin and his father was born in England, no connection to Wales. George died in 1946. Edie went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to find George’s baptismal record. In Milwaukee, she found the record and his father’s name was Charles Childs Brown, but in 1885, there was a C.C. Brown in Little Falls, Minnesota where he published a newspaper, but no word about his family. Another historian gave info that Charles was married several times and divorced. George was two years old when his parents were divorced, but he found his grandmother was born at sea while traveling to the U.S. In London, she checked records for Kate Kindley Brown whose birth was listed as Penzance, but was she born at sea? Edie went off to Penzance to find Kate, the daughter of Dorothy and Ralph Kindley, a master mariner. Master mariners spent most of their time at sea, and captained sailing ships, and just two years after the baptism of Kate, her mother died. Edie then boarded a master mariner ship to see what her four times great-grandfather experienced. She was able to determine that Kate’s mother, Dorothy, probably sailed with her husband often and Kate was born on a trip from London to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Ralph died leaving his young daughter alone before she turned ten. This info saddened Edie, who now was so glad she adopted two children; because it truly matters how much love you have in your heart, not only to be related by blood. This also gave her peace knowing the answer to the question; Who Do You Think You Are?

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