Who Done it?

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Who Done it?


An hour had passed since Ellen had found the body of her friend, Carrie, slashed and bloody, in the alley behind the club. Police and crime scene investigators were swarming around the scene, and Ellen was still in shock.

She had been questioned thoroughly about Carrie, her friends, her job and family. Ellen could not believe any of these people would kill Carrie.

A tall man in a windbreaker and khaki pants approached Ellen and displayed his badge. Ellen shivered, anticipating more questions. The man introduced himself “Joe Richards, homicide detective . I‘m here to take you to the hospital. You‘re in shock.” Richards had kind, brown eyes and a concerned expression.

Weak with gratitude, Ellen walked, holding Richards’ arm and sank wearily onto the car seat. “I just can’t imagine who would kill Carrie.” she said, tearing up. “She was such a sweet girl.”

Ellen wrapped her arms around herself to stop shivering. It was then that she noticed a sticky red blood smear on her right hand. She gasped, then looked at Richards, whose windbreaker had streaks of blood on the sleeve….and a switchblade knife is his hand. “I like sweet girls.” he whispered.

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