Who is Banksy anyway?

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It’s the Oscar mystery that everyone is talking about: Who is Banksy? There have been rumors flying around about Mr. Elusive, who directed the film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, but his identity hasn’t been revealed.

BanksytruckWhat people do know about him is that he is an artist who prefers to go incognito, you know, to let the “art” speak for itself. People suspect all kinds of things from famous actors (like George Clooney) to talk show hosts (like Oprah), but no one has been able to nail it.

Exit Through the Gift Shop did not win the Academy Award for best documentary, but if it had, it’s unknown whether or not “Banksy” would have identified himself (or herself). It’s an interesting take on art and film and by keeping his identity a secret, it brings more attention to his film. It’s unknown whether this is a lame ploy to get people interested or a brilliant scheme to get people talking about art rather than a name associated with said art.

In conclusion, there are a handful of people who know who Banksy is… if you’re one of them, spill it!

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