Who Is Jason Russell (Besides The Guy Behind ‘Kony 2012′)?

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#StopKony has been trending on Twitter all day today. Jason Russell is the guy behind the viral video, the guy behind the idea, the guy bringing Joseph Kony to justice. Russell is the guy the Ugandans can all thank when Kony is brought to justice. He is what America stands for. A single, focused idea that led to a plan that is now leading to action.

Who is Jason “Radical” Russell?

He is a filmmaker. He is a dreamer. He is an athlete. He is a father. He is a husband. He is a best friend. He is a product of musical threatre. He is the co-founder of Invisible Children, Inc., along with Bobby Bailey and Laren Poole. He is an inspiration.

Russell is a film school graduate who has choreographed more than 20 shows and performed in over 100. He’s no stranger to hard work or talent.

He’s the guy that filmed the viral video, KONY 2012.

Why do you care about Jason Russell?

If you care that children are being kidnapped, forced into sex-slavery, forced to murder and disfigure others, you should care about what Russell has to say.

He makes documentary films about the struggles in Uganda. He and the staff at Invisible Children show the documentary films to anybody and everybody who will listen. They have met with and garnered the support of Senators and Congresspersons on both sides of the political isle. After years of focused hard work, President Obama became the first President in America’s history to take steps to protect Ugandan citizens on a purely humanitarian basis. Never before has America stepped in to help anyone that wasn’t politically or financially motivated.

Joseph Kony’s reign of terror needs to end, and Russell is the guy that’s going to make that happen. If you haven’t already seen the 30-minute film, do so now.

If there is an injustice happening and you can bring attention to it or do something to stop it, shouldn’t you?

Jason Russell

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