Who Is Poppy Chaos? Ask Lady Gaga (Video)

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It must be rough for underground (meaning undiscovered) musical artist Poppy Chaos, knowing she was this close to being Lady Gaga. After all, they were childhood friends studying classical music, and they stayed in touch during the dark years when Lady G was trying to find her musical identity.

Alas, lightning only strikes once. Or, at the very least, talent is a requirement to catch on to the big time…

After years of watching Gaga light the world on fire from the darkness of her living room couch, sipping on a half-empty bottle of Remy Martin, and watching her old pal climb the heights to unheard of fame, glory and riches, Poppy Chaos decided it’s not too late to follow in her former bud’s gigantic footsteps.

But how to go about it?

Wait for it… wait for it… that’s it!

A viral music video on YouTube! All that’s necessary is a unifying, off-kilter theme, an insistent dance beat and a catchy musical hook with killer lyrics! How hard can it be?

  • Checklist For Fame Item 1: Theme: Taking mundane, everyday items and making costumes from them. Check!
  • Checklist For Fame Item 2: Insistent dance beat with “I’m too sexy for my shirt guy” thrown in. Check!
  • Checklist For Fame Item 3: Catchy musical hook and killer lyrics. Check!

Here’s the result: Strange Objects by Poppy Chaos. The fusilli sunglasses and crime scene tape headband are worth the price of admission alone. But Poppy Chaos may have a way to go to catch up with Lady Gaga…

Just another 999,966,814 hits and they can be buds again!

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