Who is Sara Leal? Good Luck Finding Her On The Web…

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If there is a real Sara Leal, the alleged woman at the center of the alleged Ashton Kutcher / Demi Moore divorce scandal, she’s a whisper in the wind as far as the web goes.

On Monday morning very few people, other than herself perhaps, were searching for the name on Google.

But by Wednesday evening, the handle is one of the hottest keywords on the web.

So what turns up? Not much… yet.

Of the three Twitter accounts listed as Sara Leal, two have been taken down. The only one left is a lady from Texas with no tweets since August. Strike one.

Facebook shows a list a mile-long with no images popping out of a 23-year-old blonde actress-slash-director from Hollywood.

Besides, what’s the use? Because of Facebook’s legendary privacy protections, it makes no sense to check each one. And forget about sending friend requests. Most of them will probably accept… strike two.

Fortunately the folks at IMDb (as usual) have the latest news about the real Sara Leal. Apparently she’s shopping a movie called Runaway around the biz with mixed results. Of course, to learn more, one merely has to subscribe to IMDb Pro. No thanks…

Still, at least it’s a hit.

So, there it is. At the moment the real Sara Leal has dropped off the face of the world… wide web. But, if the last 72 hours are any indication, that should all change.

Check back in on Friday. Monday the latest…

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