Who is Shamicka Gibbs? Martin Lawrence weds longtime girlfriend

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There were several celebrities saying “I Do” over this recent July weekend.  Stars from music, movies, comedy and more were all married.  Shamicka Gibbs has now become quite the curiosity after this weekend’s celeb weddings went down.  She was just one of the people involved in the celeb knot-tying!

It seemed that this past weekend was a good time for several celebs to tie the knot.  Former American Idol winner and current hot country music star Carrie Underwood married her boyfriend Mike Fisher of NHL fame.  Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vasquez married at a star-studded NYC wedding.  Last but not least, comedian and actor Martin Lawrence married Shamicka Gibbs.  Many are wondering who is Shamicka Gibbs, since not a lot of info exists about Lawrence’s longtime girlfriend.

What is known about Martin Lawrence’s new wife?  Well according to pictures, it at least appears she’s a bit taller than the short comedian.  Shamicka Gibbs, 35-years-old, has been the girlfriend of Martin Lawrence for fourteen years now.  Together, Shamicka and Martin have two daughters Amara (nine years old) and Iyana (seven years old).  They both served as flower girls for the couple’s recent wedding as did Martin’s daughter from a previous marriage. 

Apr 12, 2010 - Hollywood, California, USA - Actor Martin Lawrence & Date arriving to the ''Death At A Funeral'' World Premiere held at the Cinerama Dome. © Red Carpet Pictures

The Shamicka Gibbs and Martin Lawrence wedding took place July 10th, 2010 in the backyard of Martin’s Beverly Hills home.  According to People magazine there was at least 120 guests who included Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy.  MTV.com has also reported that Martin Lawrence is looking to possibly star in a “Bad Boys 3″ movie, noting that both his co-star Will Smith and director Michael Bay seem to be onboard.

So who is Shamicka Gibbs?  While it’s unclear exactly who she is, what she does or where she’s from, she’s now Mrs. Martin Lawrence, making her even more well known than she was last weekend!

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