Who is the new Bachelorette?

ABC’s new Bachelorette will be announced Monday night on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Many people are taking guesses as to who might be the next lady looking for love but there haven’t been any spoilers …yet.

A Red RoseGenerally, the next Bachelor or Bachelorette is someone who was a fan favorite on a previous season of the show. The last Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky, for example, was a favorite on Jake Pavelka’s season. It is rumored that the new Bachelorette will be a popular castoff from the current season of the Bachelor. So who could it be?

Many are guessing that it will be Ashley H., who was sent packing by Womack two episodes ago. However, others are pretty convinced that ABC is going to take a gamble on Michelle Money, the “villain” of Womack’s season. There is a chance that the new Bachelorette will be the girl that Brad doesn’t pick tonight (either Chantal or Emily), but that’s usually not how things play out.

Ashley S. would be a great Bachelorette but she seems very timid (and doesn’t she remind you of Tenley?). Who do you think the new Bachelorette will be?

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