Who Lies to Oprah? Lance Armstrong!

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It looks like Lance Armstrong’s big confession to Oprah was packed full of lies…well, maybe not packed, but apparently he did fib about his doping! Shocking? Yeah…not so much. Oprah asked him, “You did not do a blood transfusion in 2009?” Armstrong totally denied any use in 2009 and 2010 to Oprah, but ‘investigators familiar with the case’ are calling BS. They say that his blood values, measured for the 2009 race, went up. They said that Armstrong’s test showed ‘blood manipulation consistent with two transfusions’. He even told Oprah he was upset that he was being accused of doping in 2009 because the last time he did was 2005. Come on! Does anyone believe anything that comes out of this guys mouth?

PhotobucketThe investigators told ABC News, “Armstrong’s red blood cell count suddenly went up at these points, even though the number of baby red blood cells did not.” They claim that was solid proof that he ‘received a transfusion of mature red blood cells.’ Is it unthinkable that Armstrong, who not only lied about doping, but ruined careers, would lie to Oprah Winfrey while trying to salvage his reputation? Sadly, no, but he still has fans who were hoping that he would actually come clean about his indiscretions, not to mention the staff of his Livestrong Foundation! The investigators believe ‘if’ he lied, it was to protect himself from criminal charges. They said, “If Armstrong doped in 2005 but not 2009, the statute of limitations may have expired on potential criminal activity.”

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