Who Murdered Charity Romo? Woman Found with Throat Slit

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Twenty-nine-year old Charity Romo (aka Charity Cody, aka Charity Villalpando-Romo) was found slashed in her San Antonio home this morning with her throat slit. Police on the scene said there was “blood everywhere,” indicating that this was indeed a brutal slaying. This is a tragic case that may involve the woman’s former boyfriend, who had just moved from the home the two shared. The woman’s Facebook page doesn’t let-on as though they are broken up, so this must have been a very recent ending of their relationship. Would that be motive enough to suspect the young man?

(News 4 WOAI)To clarify, it’s not necessarily written that the young woman had split from her boyfriend, but sources report that he had just moved out and she was intending on moving from the apartment the following day, to move in with her family and her 12-year-old daughter. Homicide detectives already have a suspect, though they aren’t releasing a name, nor are they releasing the name of the slain woman’s boyfriend.

So who murdered Charity Romo? Was it the tattooed man seen with her in many of her Facebook photos? (Click here to see them) Or could it have been someone else entirely? There is also an ex-husband in the picture, who is currently caring for the 12-year-old daughter she left behind. What about any other ex-boyfriends or former husbands?

It appears that this case may end up solved quickly if detectives already have their eyes on someone. If it’s the young woman’s boyfriend (or recent ex?) then this wasn’t the brightest crime for him to commit. Still, it would be hard to believe that someone could commit such a crime knowing that he’d be suspected immediately. He is, after all, the one who discovered the horrific crime scene and reported it to police.

Hopefully more details come to the surface as this case progresses. Meanwhile, the family of this young woman are in deep mourning and shock over what has happened. They deserve to be left in peace to deal with this terrible tragedy and they truly deserve to see justice for what has been done.

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