Who Says Kristen Stewart’s ‘Kind of Wild, Unlike Bella Swan? Not Robert Pattinson

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A man close to Kristen Stewart has described her as “kind of wild” and not at all like her Twilight Saga character, Bella Swan. The man is not her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. So who is he? He’s her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

“Everyone thinks she is Bella from Twilight,” mused Sanders in a recent interview. “I think she’s such a good actor that she encompassed that role so well that people think that’s how she is. When you meet Kristen, she’s so far away from that character. I’d first seen her in ‘Into the Wild and I was really blown away.”

Sanders must have indeed been “blown away” by La Stewart’s Into The Wild performance because he was intensely criticized for choosing her as his Snow White. Apparently, people didn’t think she could pull it off, but Rupert is convinced she’ll prove them wrong.

“She’s incredibly spirited and very kind of wild and also she’s got this kind of this alchemy to her,” the director explained. “You’re not quite sure what it is about her but on-screen she’s just incredible. And when you see her act you realize why she is such a huge movie star and why she’s going to continue to get bigger.”

That’s intense praise indeed. Hopefully, the public will agree with Sanders after seeing Snow White and the Huntsman which hits theaters on March 23.

In the meantime, however, Hollywood Life has conducted one of its famous polls asking: “Who does Kristen Stewart remind you of more?” Interestingly, a slight 38.92 percent majority chose Snow White over Bella Swan who garnered only 32.95 percent of the votes. 28.13 percent voted “Neither,” which is actually the most logical response considering no one has seen Snow White and the Huntsman in its entirety.

Oh well, time will tell. Wonder how Robert Pattinson would have voted?

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