Who Shot Mary Kristene Chapa and Her Girlfriend?

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Mary Kristene Chapa and her girlfriend Mollie Olgin were brutally shot weeks ago in Texas, sparking immediate debate on whether a hate crime was committed. It’s still not clear, but one thing has come to fruition at least with this slowly moving case. A sketch of the so-called suspect has been released by officials, but not much else has been done in the case since the release of the drawing. However, it was reported days before the release of the suspect that Chapa remembered the shooting.

Pictured here is the sketch of the man allegedly responsible for gunning down Mary Kristene Chapa and her girlfriend Mollie Olgin, who died at the scene. He is described as being a caucasian male in his 20’s, standing at 5′ 8″ and 140 lbs. He is described as having a slender build with dark hair.

Mary Chapa reportedly remembers the attack but police are not releasing any of the information she revealed. Officer Randy Wright has not clarified on whether or not this was an attack launched by a man who knew the girls, nor is he confirming any evidence that may or may not lead to this being considered a hate crime.

“Further statements will be made as conditions warrant,” he said.

Well, it would make sense for a small Texas town to be the setting of a hate crime against two homosexual teenage girls. It’s not at all surprising to hear of such bigotry when the Texas Republican Party releases platform literature outlining a lack of civil rights for homosexuals and an all-out attack on education in their state. Nonetheless, without hard proof of a hate crime this may just be swept under the rug as nothing more than a random attack in a park.

If this turns out to be an attack based on some kind of vendetta or other conflict, it should be released so as to smooth out any misconceptions. Otherwise, the officials in this case are only allowing the public to draw their own conclusions while Mary Chapa recovers from the shooting that left her girlfriend dead.

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