Who Shot Stefano DiMera? Fans Weigh In!

It is a storyline that is not too shocking to Days Of Our Lives fans. One of the main characters is killed, but it is unclear who did the deed. Stefano DiMera has been killed (or presumed dead) over ten times on the show now, but on Friday he was shot (and killed) yet again. Of course, the biggest question in Salem this week is, “who shot The Phoenix.”

Joseph MascoloOf course, there are multiple suspects in the shooting including Stefano’s wife, Kate as well as his own children. So who shot him? Fans weighed in on a recent poll and some of the results are close.

Over 32 percent of fans think that Stefano DiMera’s own daughter, Lexi, shot and killed her father. Of course, it may not be that far-fetched since she is dying and may have decided to do in DiMera in order to protect others.

However, 26 percent feel that he likely faked his own death (again). Obviously, this wouldn’t be too far-fetched either considering he got his nickname, “The Phoenix,” because he has “risen from the dead” countless times.

On the other end of the spectrum, only a handful of fans suspect Kate. However, she had perfect motive as the two were not yet legally divorced and killing him could have provided some huge gains for her.

Of course, it is likely that Days Of Our Lives will drag out the storyline a little longer to keep fans guessing. However, it appears that each day they are dropping hints as to who shot Stefano.

Who do you think did the deed? Will “The Phoenix” rise again?

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