Who snubbed Kim Kardashian at New York Fashion Week?

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Anna Wintour allegedly had Kim Kardashian banned from the annual Met Gala earlier this year. (Kim claimed she couldn’t be there because of work commitments, but come on—you know she would have dropped everything to go if she had been invited!) And now the legendary Vogue editrix has snubbed Kim again!

According to In Touch (via Celebitchy), when Kim and Kanye West attended the Marchesa show during New York Fashion Week recently, “Nuclear Wintour” exchanged pleasantries with Ye—but gave Kim the cold shoulder!

“Anna wouldn’t even look at her; it was obvious Anna doesn’t like her in the least,” an “eyewitness” tells the mag. “Meanwhile, Anna was kissy-kissy with Kanye. It couldn’t have been funnier.”

And according to another source, Anna’s feelings toward Kim won’t change anytime soon.

“Anna loathes the fact that Kim gains access to events over people associated with the fashion world,” a snitch tells In Touch.

Anna allegedly doesn’t even like Victoria Beckham, who has actual fashion credentials and designs clothing that is respected by and popular with both the fashion community and the public. So if Anna allegedly doesn’t like Posh Spice, she sure as hell won’t want anything to do with Kim, who is the antithesis of high fashion with her cheap clothing line at Sears, her “slap my name/face on a bunch of tacky crap” souvenir stand in Vegas, her terrible fashion sense and her ability to make anything she wears (no matter how expensive) look trashy and budget. And if Kanye can’t even get Anna to accept (or just be nice to) Kim, then Kim should probably realize that it’s never going to happen!

What do you think? Does Anna Wintour dislike Kim Kardashian? Do you think Kim should appear in Vogue? Sound off in the comments!

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