Who Was Voted Off Dancing With The Stars, Week 7? Find Out Dancing With The Stars Week 7 Results!

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Dancing With The Stars competition is heating up as we make our way past the halfway point. Tonight, we found out who was voted off Dancing With The Stars in Week 7!

It’s up to the Dancing With The Stars audience to vote on who stays at the top and who goes home. To find out who was smilin’ and who was cryin’ on Dancing With The Stars, read on DWTS fans:


Last night, the top four couples on Dancing With The Stars (with combined judges scores) were:

  • The Bachelor’s Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani with 29
  • Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and season six champ Mark Ballas with 28

 and tied in third place

•·        Country singer Chuck Wicks and girlfriend and two-time DWTS champ Julianne Hough


•·        Actor Gilles Marini and two-time DWTS champ Cheryl Burke, both with 27.




The 60s Group Dance


Love the costumes and the choreography.  The solos are pretty acrobatic and everybody looks like they are having fun. Much better than the hip hop number from last season.


Just wondering, does Samantha always have a cold?  She is always blaming it on her kids. Not being a mom, I guess I’m not privy to the germ-o-home.


Medical Experts: What is the physical impact?


Just a few facts: There is a constant use of muscles that you don’t normally use.  It is a lot of cardiovascular fat training. Lil’ Kim could eat 6 pints of ice cream a day and not gain a pound.  She’s lost two inches on her waist. Lawrence is burning 15,000 calories a week. Injuries. People are surprised that you can get injured in ballroom dancing. There is 300,000 pounds of stress on the foot and that’s your lightest dancer.


Musical Guest Natasha Bedingfield


Nice to see that she is not lip synching. Ooh, and that her skin is not perfect. Nice to see that she is just like the rest of us mortals.  The dancers are Lacey Schwimmer and Holly Madison’s partner Dmitry Chaplin. Not really that exciting. Why the standing ovation?


National Ballroom Champions “Burn the Floor”


Latin feel. Quick staccato steps.  And then fluid. Love it! They use a Shirley Bassey’s History Repeating. The singer is pretty spot on. And so is the choreography.  High energy and a lot of fun!



Samantha Backstage


With Chuck and Julianne. Chuck: “I never thought it would take red silk pajamas to tie with Gilles.”  Ty and Chelsie   They want to do team tango next week. Not sure that’s Ty’s calling.




Chuck and Julianne. 


Melissa and Tony.


Shawn and Mark.





This is a first. What unknown professional dancer will the audience choose to be on season 9?


Brent and Afton


Cha Cha! They are friends, but it’s still a competition. I love the professional dancers and dances because they really show you what it should look like. He definitely has the Maks factor!  She was lukewarm for me.


What?  Len thought she had more flair. Maybe it’s just me.


Anna and Mayo


Goods friends, also, but have never danced together.  They seem very well suited to one another.  Great exhibition!


Len loved it! 


Snow and Genya


Genya’s brother is Alec Mazzo (sp?) who won season one on DWTS.  Even though they are professionals, it looks like a hard road to put together the dance between two professionals. I think they put together an incredibly fluid and graceful number.


You are not voting for the couples, but the individuals. VOTE!!


Celtic Women Singing


I don’t know who the dancers are, but they are spot on.  Not a big fan of the Celtic Women, but they are moving.


Okay, a welling of the eyes with the voice and dance combination. DAMN! Where’s a tissue?




Lil’ Kim and Derek are safe!


Joining them are Gilles and Cheryl


Who is leaving right now?


Lawrence and Edyta




Ty and Chelsie


It is….



Lawrence and Edyta!


He was incredibly gracious to Edyta and his whole experience.


Dancing With The Stars season 8 every Monday at 8/7c on abc. Results shows follow on Tuesdays. Mark your calendars. It’s going to be a good season!  And after every elimination, the couple voted off will be interviewed the next day on Good Morning America!

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