Who will be Jennifer Aniston’s Maid of Honor?

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Soon after Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got engaged, a report surfaced claiming that the duo can’t decide on what kind of wedding to have: She reportedly has her heart set on a destination wedding, while he allegedly wants winter nuptials in New York City. And now Jennifer reportedly can’t decide on her maid on honor, either.

According to The National Enquirer, the Emmy winner can’t choose between longtime BFF Courteney Cox or Chelsea Handler to be her honor attendant — so she’s decided to ask someone else!

“Courteney’s incredibly upset, and who can blame her? She feels she’s the buddy who’s been by Jennifer’s side for ages — nursing her through her divorce from Brad Pitt, holding her hand through all her failed relationships [writer’s note: how bitchy!]. They’ve had an 18-year history of being there for each other — but Chelsea’s been in the picture just two years. Courteney’s surprised and hurt that Jennifer considers them equal friends!” a “spy” tells the mag.

Are Courteney and Jennifer even really that close anymore? Although they’ve denied they had a falling-out, they weren’t spotted with each other for months amid rumors that they were on the outs and have only recently been seen spending time together again. So maybe Jennifer doesn’t want Courteney to be her maid of honor because they’ve grown apart. But the Cougar Town star is reportedly very upset about the snub — and clueless Jennifer is “stunned that Courteney’s taking it so hard!”

“Now she’s trying desperately to figure out how to keep both best pals happy,” The Enquirer‘s snitch says.

The Enquirer helpfully points out that Jennifer could avoid the drama by having Courteney and Chelsea be co-maids of honor — and when The Enquirer is the voice of reason, there’s a problem. But maybe the problem is actually Justin: At various times in his relationship with Jennifer, he has allegedly had issues with both Courteney and Chelsea, so maybe Jennifer’s refusal to pick either of them to be maid of honor is more about Justin than her own indecision. Maybe, if they’re planning on having a small wedding, they could just not have attendants at all. Maybe The Enquirer‘s full of it. Or maybe this is another example of Jennifer giving false information to her friends.

What do you think? Should Courteney Cox be Jennifer Aniston’s maid of honor? Should Chelsea Handler? Sound off in the comments!

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