Who Will Be the Next ‘The Bachelor’? – 3 Obvious Choices

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While looking forward to the next The Bachelor, many pundits believe there are a few obvious choices for who could easily play the role. Three guys seem to stick out, especially to one source that has narrowed down this reality show contender according to what has gone down in the past on this hit ABC show.

For starters, the criteria dictates that the dude chosen to be the next Bachelor will have had to have been featured on Ashley Hebert’s season of The Bachelorette. And he will have to have appeared in the final episodes. And he will have be camera ready.

So, with that in mind, The Bachelor for 2012 will be either Ben Flajnik, Ryan Park or Ames Brown.

But which one will be the victor? Consider their assets:

Ben seems to have captured many hearts, and not only because of his fun-loving nature and his gorgeous long hair. Flajnik is a business-owner in a very seductive business as a winemaker, he is obviously very knowledgable about the fruits of the grape, and he is ripe for the right woman, having finally found he is ready to get serious following the death of his father in the recent past.

Ryan is a catch for a woman who wants a man to be upbeat no matter what and who isn’t bothered by even the darkest of situations. He’s been called “Mr. Sunshine” — which isn’t always a popular moniker among other men but by being the lord of the lair, he won’t have trouble with any other guys who get annoyed by this trait. He works at a ‘green’ job, so he’s environmentally responsible, and he is very well spoken which indicates he has been educated to an advanced degree, which should make this very articulate man a good choice to become The Bachelor.

Ames is perfect for the nerd beauty who wants her mate to be a true romantic. He is also perfect for the woman who has wanderlust since he is well traveled and seems to love an adventure. He is an Ivy League graduate, meaning he must be very smart and thus should be able to offer stability to a relationship since Brown’s job potential is high. And, Ryan really wants to get married.

With that being said, Ames may be the best bet given his potential and mass appeal. But then again Ben is a good catch, too, as proven by the fact that he has already allegedly dated beautiful actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. And that was after the Ashley situation was over. With that being said, Ryan could take the part because he’s really a guy who doesn’t give up — and The Bachelor needs a contestant who is actually going to stay with the person he picks.

So what do you think? Who will be the next The Bachelor on ABC? Will that person be one of the reality stars mentioned above? Thoughts? Thanks.

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