Who Will Win ‘American Idol’ 2012? Will It Be Jessica Sanchez or Phillip Phillips?

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It’s here! The grand finale night for American Idol 2012. So who will win? Will it be Jessica Sanchez or will it be Phillip Phillips?

Several sources have weighed in on this weighty proposition and have come up with their versions of a good answer.

One report says that the winner of AI 2012 will definitely be Jessica Sanchez, the 16-year-old from San Diego, California who is quite the belter and who has an amazing social media following.

In fact, NJ.com held a poll that says Jessica has “nearly 70 percent of the votes compared to Phillip’s 30, as of this writing.”

Meanwhile, plenty of fans beg to differ, saying that Phillip Phillips is going to be the winner in a shocker of an American Idol crowning.

A person called Poly Lopez said to “look between the lines” because “most of the Idols have been guys.”

So, is this enough of a reason to say that the pawn broker’s son from the deep South is going to take the title?

Not necessarily.

Still, he may just win on a pity vote since he’s been so sick but still soldiered through to the finale rather than to go to the hospital to take care of his kidney ailments as had been suggested by his own doctor.

That said, even without fans feeling sorry for double Phil, he could also win because he’s a hunky guy with a rocking’ sound that many prefer to the more traditional Jessica Sanchez. It really is a matter of taste and these two are about as different as oranges and kumquats.

So, who do you want to win American Idol 2012? Do you want it to be petite Jessica Sanchez with her big voice and solid committment to music or do you want it to be the more gritty Phillip Phillips, a huge talent who has an ailment but is ignoring it for the sake of the show? Thoughts? Thanks.

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