Who won the Celebrity Apprentice 2010? Both charities win $250,000 thanks to Donald Trump and Snapple

Who ended up winning The Celebrity Apprentice 2010 tonight? Donald Trump really has a tough decision ahead of him.

Holly Robinson Peete did an excellent job overall on the show. Her Snapple task was excellent. Her Compassionberry drink did an excellent job in integrating the Hollyrod foundation into the lable.

Of course, Bret Michaels has actually cheated death in the past few weeks. He had his appendix taken out, a brain hemorrhage, a ‘warning’ stroke, and found out he had a hole in his heart. In fact, his doctors didn’t even want him to go to the show tonight.

Holly Robinson Peete toned down her attitude tonight, and didn’t come out swinging at Bret Michaels tonight. Of course, she wouldn’t be able to. For his part, Bret Michaels maintained that he was a fighter and came to win.

Overall, Michaels was likely the most improved. However, is he really the Celebrity Apprentice. Although he did an excellent job, he doesn’t actually seem to be able to be organized enough to work for Donald Trump. Of course, I’m not sure that the Celebrity Apprentice has to work for DT.

So, who won? Both charities won $250,000 dollars tonight because Snapple matched Donald Trump’s prize money, so both charities got the money. Holly Robinson Peete won more money than anybody ever on The Celebrity Apprentice. In a surprise to me, Donald Trump hired Bret Michaels.

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