Who Would Have Ever Thought The Golf Channel Would Brighten My Day?

I hate the golf channel. One of those channels the cable company throws in, knowing most people here in the middle of nowhere will watch it. I never watch it.

Settle in after a rough day…flipping through the channels in search of some true crime drama or an interesting documentary. Suddenly, I come across a movie that's one of the best comedies ever – "happy gilmore." Of course, Happy gilmore isn't funny for the whole two or wahtever hours. It's slapstick, to you spent the movie waiting on the punch lines.

But, tonight must be my lucky night. The moment I flip, the Bob Barker scene is just beginning. If you've seen this movie, you're probably already grinning.

So, gilmore is this fluke golfer who turned to the sport after he failed to make it in the NHL. He's at a celebrity event and he's paired with the ever-popular Bob Barker. There's a heckler on the sidelines that causes gilmore to play some less-than-pro golf. Bob joins in on the heckling and happy just can't take it anymore. He throws a punch that lands barker on his back. But Barker doesn't stay there.

The elderly game show host comes up swinging, eventually holding the hapless happy in a choke-hold.

Sometimes, the simplest things can make you happy…

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