Who Would Oppose a Texas Secession?

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There have been several petitions filed on the We the People government site asking for peaceful secession from the United States. Twenty-two states in all. Georgia, Missouri, and South Carolina have two different petitions filed. At the time of this writing, one Georgia petition has 5,854 signatures and the other has 7,349 signatures. South Carolina has one petition with 5,849 signatures and another with 5,994 signatures. One Missouri petition has 5,278 signatures and another has 5,605 signatures. The Missouri petitions are literally right next to each other on the site. Open your eyes, petitioners! And Ohio is notably missing from the list. Shouldn’t the state where the most controversial voting took place be demanding to secede?

At the time of this writing, the states are Pennsylvania, Arizona, Oklahoma, Arkansas, South Carolina (2), Georgia (2), Missouri (2), Missouri (1), Tennessee, Michigan, South Carolina (1), New York, Colorado, Oregon, New Jersey, North Dakota, Montana, Indiana, Mississippi, Georgia (1), Kentucky, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Texas. Pennsylvania was just added during this writing by Kathleen B. who doesn’t say where she’s from.

Andrew J. (from Saint Louis, MO) isn’t astute enough to find the word “Missouri” on the website before he creates his petition on November 10, 2012.

Jennifer M. (from Columbia, SC) created the most recent South Carolina petition on November 10, 2012. Perhaps she just didn’t like the wording of Cody W’s (from Summerville, SC) petition filed on the same day. It doesn’t conform to the same exact wording as every other symbolic petition after all.

Nearly all of these petitions were created on November 10, 2012. Except for Texas, Alabama, and North Carolina (1) which were created November 9, 2012. Texas has the most signatures. At the beginning of this writing, Texas had 32,952 and at the end they had accumulated 36,146. This author might even sign the Texas petition. Why not get rid of Texas? George P. Bush and George W. Bush would both become citizens of another country and “P” wouldn’t be able to run for any U.S. political office. So ends the Bush Dynasty.

It is also interesting that each petition has right around the same number of signatures – between 5,000 and 6,000. It’s obvious that this is not a real attempt to secede from the union by any state. In fact, MOST of the signatures on each state are people from other states! If the people of a state wish to secede, only the people of that state can petition to do so.

What is also interesting, although not surprising, is that it’s mostly the same people signing every petition for every state. For example, you will find Luke P. from Highlands Ranch, CO on every state. You have to scroll down for quite a ways to find him on Texas’s petition but there he is:

Luke P Highlands Ranch, CO
November 12, 2012
Signature # 33,311

It couldn’t be more clear that these people simply have a hatred for Barack Obama. If they really wanted to not be part of the United States, they would leave the country. There are plenty of English speaking countries to choose from.

Another funny thing is that while America was waging two wars, turning the Middle East upside down and nearly causing a global financial meltdown, none of these people were asking to leave the United States. While American Constitutional freedoms were being trampled by the Patriot Act, nobody wished to exercise their freedoms. Only when the black man steps into power do a white man’s freedoms become important.

Let all the idiots join in secession so American can prosper without them dragging her down.

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