Whoa! Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Joey Lawrence Hit the Airwaves Again

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Tonight is the premiere of the much anticipated ABC Family sitcom Melissa & Joey (8PM ET on ABC Family). This is a brand new sitcom that binds together the ever powerful forces of America’s favorite witch and the lovable idiot from Blossom.

While it is a sitcom, the actors are apparently playing much more adult roles this time around, which may or may not be what the viewers are looking for. Either way, viewers love this dynamic duo which was proven when they found great success with an earlier ABC original movie reunion, My Fake Fiance. I guess the network decided that enough sparks flew with the viewers to start a little fire on the side.

According to ABC family’s website the little made-for-TV treatise was the “No. 1 TV movie of the 2008/09 season in Women 18-34″.

Joey, please help me out: “Woah!”

So this makes me wonder, will the 18-34 women who flock to this pair be just as enticed every week? According to the synopsis of the show, Lawrence and Hart aren’t an item in the new show, unlike the final outcome of My Fake Fiance- he is just a male nanny for her niece and nephew whom she has assumed custody of. Platonic my butt! This dynamic, we all know creates that sexual tension necessary to keep shows like The Nanny on the air for six seasons.

Will we all be left in agony every week wondering when they will just kiss and make out already?

Of course.

Inevitably, I predict they will be a couple eventually, which will make everything so complicated and of course will secure viewers for episodes to come.

There is just something magical about teen stars making a come back. Besides, Joey’s lack of a mop top will keep chat rooms and Melissa & Joey watchers abuzz for awhile. Is it shaved on purpose to look like that or is it just a really short flat top? Questions, questions.

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Photo Credit: ABC Family

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