Whole Foods Jobs Suck: Employee Propaganda and Unreasonable Write-Ups?

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Whole Foods jobs aren’t great; don’t let those smiling, eyes glazed over employees fool you. One ex employee at a Toronto location of the “Earth-friendly” store wrote a resignation letter that was epic and alarming in all senses. Apparently, Whole Foods’ wholesomeness is all for show.

File:Redwood City Whole Foods.jpgSince the resignation letter, the ex employee has left the country, but many people who’ve held jobs at Whole Foods have come forward to spill the awful truth. What a slap in the face for fans of the grocery store chain. Without a doubt, health nuts are getting nuttier by the minute as they read the awful truth about the grocery store.

Apparently, the ex employee stated that Whole Foods routinely abuses its power when it comes to employees, especially on the wrath of tardiness. Even if a worker was seconds late, it didn’t matter, a write-up would take place. Management didn’t care about the reasons whatsoever. After three write-ups, the worker would be fired.

Among other qualms was that Whole Foods image of being “Earth-friendly” was just that, a thinly worn apron over a dirty truth, the stores doesn’t recycle like it promotes itself to do. And, even more disturbing, the grocery store routinely forces “Team Leaders” to get up at 7am for Saturday meetings where they had to yell out slogans like “We’re number one!”

Readers, share your thoughts. Do you think these Whole Foods employees are fabricating lies trying to tarnish the grocery store’s image? What if they are speaking the truth and we’ve spent an arm and a leg at Whole Foods because we thought the “Earth-friendly” store was legit?

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