Whoopi Goldberg Talks Charlie Sheen Drug Problems on ‘The View’ (Video)

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“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg recently opened up on the air about her own drug addictions problems and related her recovery story to fellow actor Charlie Sheen. While many people are criticizing Sheen’s choice of work over rehab, Whoopi understood Charlie’s reason for staying on the job.


According to CNN.com, which includes the video below, Goldberg said she used to be a “functioning drug addict.”

Whoopi’s story shocked her co-hosts on “The View” and its viewers. However, she says she continued showing up for her various work in Hollywood, knowing that it supported her drug habit. Not only that, but the jobs she had were also giving jobs to others.

Whoopi also talked about how she is now “straight as an arrow” and said of her situation and Sheen’s own recovery:

“I was so scared. I hit bottom. I did that a long time ago. Until Charlie makes the decision that heÂ’s ready and willing to stop doing what heÂ’s doing Â… heÂ’s not there yet.”

That “bottom” that Whoopi Goldberg hit included being terrified to the point she wouldn’t leave her bed for days. It’s unknown if Sheen has hit that sort of “bottom” in his life. However, it seems there are plenty of people aware of his situation, and that would be in his corner, if he chooses to get help. The question is when will Charlie decide he wants to get his life on track?

While everyone needs to earn that income, high-profile careers also involve having the right image to secure future work. Sometimes, it’s best to seek help to maintain that image and later return to get those paychecks. Robert Downey Jr. would certainly agree with that concept.

Do you think Charlie Sheen will enter rehab in the near future, or will he wait awhile?

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