Why aren't gays, women, and Jews protesting in the streets against Islam

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From time to time we see Muslims protesting in their countries when they think they have been insulted by the West. 

Isn't how those same Muslims treat gays, women and Jews an insult to the West?   This is human rights violations.  Western crowds don't get mad.  Where is everybody?  Where are the feminists and the U.N. and Jimmy Carter?

How much of a gay pride parade is dedicated to "Free our gay brothers in Iran"?  I don't know if I've heard of any.

How many women don't care about "woman's issues" as long as their own nest is feathered good enough?  I know a lot of women who scoff at feminism but would never put up with life in Saudi Arabia.

The Jewish/Muslim issue has just been politically reduced to Isreal and whether they are doing self defense or not.





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