Why Barnes and Noble is the worst bookstore in the United States

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Barnes and Noble is not a consumer friendly bookstore, not online and not in person and I am officially boycotting the store. I have never been so mad or disgusted at a bookseller in my whole life! I consider Barnes and Noble to be the worst bookseller in the United States.

I buy at least 4 new books a month, I am a book worm and if one of my favorite authors has a new book out I will buy it right away. I live close to Barnes and Nobles stores and so I usually will go into the store to make my purchase. I even had a Barnes and Noble store card, for which I had to pay an annual fee of $25, even though it didn’t make the book prices any cheaper than Amazon.com. But sometimes, you don’t want to wait for the book in the mail, so I was talked into getting the card.

Then the following 3 things happened and I decided that Barnes and Noble will never get my business again:

1. I was making a book purchase at the Barnes and Noble at the Americana or Galleria in Glendale, Los Angeles and the cashier started harrassing me to renew my Barnes and Noble card, as it had just expired the previous month. I understand the upsell, so I said “No, thanks” and showed my credit card so I could pay. The cashier then whips out a chart to show me why I should pay for the B&N card again. I said “No, thanks, I haven’t found that I have saved that much money with the card and don’t want to renew.” The guy then starts to berate me and list all of the discounts I could get with the card, and pretty much calls me stupid for not renewing. I was outraged and have not been back to that store since. But I figured, that’s only one store, so I continued to frequent Barnes and Noble.

2. I went to the Barnes and Noble in Burbank to buy some books and hang out before a movie. I first went to the Starbucks to buy a drink and surf the web. I noticed a security guard kept circling me at my table, every time I looked up she would smile at me and say “Hello”. I was a little annoyed but figured she was being friendly. I then went to look at some books on the shelves, I then noticed the same security guard right behind me and she asks me “How are you today?”. And just stood there watching me look at books. Frankly, I felt that I was being watched as a possible thief, which frankly got me riled up but I thought maybe I am just imagining it. I then went over to the bathroom and then came out to look at books on the other side of the store, and once again the security guard was standing behind me and smiling and said “Hello”. I left the store 2 minutes later infuriated.

3. I then made a purchase on BarnesandNoble.com and waited patiently for the book to arrive. The book never arrived and B&N told me that UPS had attempted to deliver the book to my apt 4 times in a row. I never received one notice from UPS and so asked Barnes to reship it to my work address once they got the book back from UPS. They then said they couldn’t do that, but that I would get a refund in 60 days. I then told them that the card I used to purchase the book was no longer open and asked for them to send me the book or give me store credit as I wouldn’t get the refund on a closed acct. I then received 2 stock emails, not answering my questions at all. I then called Barnes and Noble customer service and told them of my predicament and they basically told me tough luck, the credit is going back on your old card and the bank will send you a check if the acct is closed. I actually called the bank and they told me they will do no such thing, but they will send the refund back to Barnes and Noble. I told Barnes of this and they basically said oh, well, guess you are out of that money.

Barnes and Noble has awful customer service both inside the store, via email, and on the phone. I will never let Barnes and Noble get a another penny from me and will tell everyone I meet to just buy their books on Amazon.com, it is cheaper and has better customer service (they actually care about their customers as well as making money).

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