Why Brad Pitt humiliated Angelina Jolie for Jennifer Aniston

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OK Magazine is claiming Brad Pitt humiliated Angelina Jolie again for Jennifer Aniston. Why? One theory is that because he left her, had six children with the famous actress, then told the press his marriage to the former Friends actress was too dull to keep his attention that he might be feeling a wee bit guilty.

The tabloid ran a news report claiming Jolie was furious with Pitt for his continued concern with the friendship between he and his ex-wife on September 26th, just days after the actor had issued apologies for a quote being taken out of context by Parade magazine.

They write, “Brad Pitt doesn’t give many interviews — and now maybe we know why. After discussing his personal life with Parade magazine, the Moneyball star managed the rare feat of enraging and humiliating both his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, and his current partner, Angelina Jolie.”

The source they cite as having inside knowledge about Brangelina claims Jolie does not speak with her exes and has no idea why Pitt would want to keep a relationship going with Aniston. However, they fail to note that Angie has not said a negative word about either of her ex husbands to the press.

After the Parade magazine interview was published, Pitt could not say the same.

That’s why he may have felt compelled to issue a public apology to Jen for claiming his life with her was dull. Because no matter how true that statement may have been, he should have avoided saying it.

If Brad Pitt had told Parade that he had a good life with Jen but the two had grown apart, their priorities had shifted, and he was in a good place raising a family with Jolie and doing exciting humanitarian work with the United Nations around the world now, no one could have faulted him.

However, pointing out that life with Jen — smoking pot, tanning at the beach, and spending time simply making money while giving nothing much back to the world at large — was dull was his downfall.

Aniston fans were enraged, Jen’s press camp is allegedly claiming that the two are not speaking at all now, and Aniston has been spotted dragging new boyfriend Justin Theroux around shopping in NYC, on vacations, and to luxury spa visits now.

Pitt and Jolie (on the other hand) continue to co-parent their beautiful children, to do community service work as famous humanitarians, and to make movies that thrill us all.

His new film Moneyball has been heralded by Rolling Stone magazine as a must-see picture and Brad Pitt has dropped large hints in open statements that he and Angelina Jolie would certainly entertain doing another major motion picture as co-stars again like they did in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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