Why Can’t Bill Clinton Just Go Away?

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Whether you hate them or love them you can say one thing about the Bushes, unlike Bill Clinton, once they were out of office, they quietly faded into the background. Too bad we can’t say the same about Bill. Just this weekend Clinton has given President Obama his advice on how he should handle the debt crisis and has weighed in on the Republican candidates for the 2012 elections.

On the debt crisis Clinton urged Obama:

Clinton on Saturday night urged President Obama not to “blink” at Republican demands to exclude revenue increases from any agreement to extend the government’s debt ceiling. – National Journal

As we know, Bill Clinton never met a tax he didn’t like, and he supports the normal democratic answer to everything. That answer? Why cut spending when you can raise taxes. But like Obama, Clinton has never had to worry about cutting his own spending, if he has enough money to put gas in the car to get to work or whether he will be able to feed the family this week or not. This is the problem with the elitist which we continue to elect to office. They have no experience in the real world, whether it is running a business or a household.

And then we have Bill’s take on three of the Republican’s running for the presidential nomination. He seems to favor Romney, because he won’t apologize for saddling Massachusetts with a healthcare bill which has done nothing but make healthcare more expensive in the state, precisely while most MA residents won’t vote for him.

And then he had this to say about Obama:

“He can talk about what he DID do,” the former president continued. “He took steps which avoided a depression. He saved the automobile industry — by not just bailing them out, but by requiring a serious restructuring. … When he took office, we had 2 percent of the global market for the electric batteries that will power the next generation of all-electric cars and hybrid vehicles. And on Jan. 1 of this year, we had 20 percent of the global market. … – Politico

Clinton says Obama can talk about what he did do, and lists several so-called accomplishments. Again, being one who tends to lean extremely to the Left, we can understand why he would like the progressive socialist programs Obama has instituted. We now have such things as government run auto companies, forcing us to buy cars we don’t want, his continuing progress in establishing indoctrination programs in our schools and the constant battle to eliminate free speech.

It still amazes one how a person who brought more disgrace to the presidential office than any other, is continued to be considered the sage of the Democratic Party. As many said during Clinton’s second term, “Why doesn’t Clinton just go away?”

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