Why Can’t Mitt Romney Seal the Deal?

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Mitt Romney swept the latest Republican primaries on Tuesday, taking home nearly all of the delegates from Wisconsin, D.C., and Maryland. Yet despite these wins (which get him that much closer to the number of required delegates to take the nomination), almost no one in the Republican party seems wholly satisfied with Romney’s nearly inevitable nomination–except for Romney himself.

According to MSNBC, “it’s no longer IF Santorum is going to bow out, it’s WHEN”; there is no longer a chance he’ll gain enough delegates to force a vote at the convention in August. Yet following a recent report which shows that Obama is gaining against Romney in the polls, particularly among female voters, there’s a general sense of ambivalence from party leaders.

While Mitt Romney has clinched backing from most of the major Republicans in play at this point, Santorum and his supporters remain undeterred, and possibly for a good reason: The core Bible belt states (which are likely to support Santorum’s excessively religious mandate) still have yet to vote.

Is the divisive state of affairs in the Republican party harming them as much as key figures like John McCain seem to believe? Or is the prolonged fight rallying the troops like Santorum seems to hope?

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