Why Can't We Be An English Speaking Nation?

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From its inception, the United States of America has been, and should still be, a predominantly English speaking nation. Up until more recent decades, we have always expected those who immigrate to learn to speak English or not thrive here. It was expected and respected. Now, we have a whole new set of rules for those who speak Spanish or Farsi. What is driving this new language concession? As usual, it is economics. Those who have the money dictate to the elected who are suppose to be representing all of us, and they tell them they want rules just for them.

In California, because the Persian population is wealthy, they have asked for voting ballots in Farsi. See: BEVERLY HILLS, California: The city’s decision to publish its first completely bilingual election manual featuring Farsi side-by-side with English has generated hundreds of complaints…

And, this week when I emailed my own Representative, Norm Dicks, his response was that it would limit voter materials from being written in any language than English. My question is, why do we have to have them in other languages at all?

When my husband’s German ancestors came to the USA they had to learn to speak English. They did. When my own Swedish ancestors came to this country in the late 1890’s, they had to learn to speak English. They also did so. When we lived in Germany from 1970-72, we knew we were not going to live there the rest of our lives, but we still tried to learn our host country’s language because we were residing in Germany. We didn’t ask for any special services, nor did the German or Swedish ancestors. They were proud to adapt, and so were we.

We have become a country afraid to stand up for what it right and normal. When I go to the grocery store, I don’t want to look at labels on my products and have to scan down until I get to the English translation. I want my ballots in English only. I don’t want to have to push 1 or 2 for English when I call a business. I want the immigrants to adapt to my country and its language, not demand that we cater to their special needs. If they don’t want to learn English, then they will have to suffer the consequences, or go back to their own birth land.

And, to my elected officials: Stop voting with your re-election in mind. Vote what your constituents dictate. That is why you are in office. You serve us, not the other way around.





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