Why Chris Brown Will Never Dump Karrueche for Rihanna

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Chris Brown hasn’t dumped Karrueche for Rihanna, and he’s not likely to do so in the future. Sure, he reportedly kicked her to the curb for a little while after he found out she’d been communicating with Drake. But when she showed up days later in France, he took her back immediately. Why? According to insiders, it’s because Karrueche, unlike RihRih, is a total submissive who never talks back. Plus, she’s a nobody. In other words, she’s not a star in her own right, ans therefore she’s not threatening to the obviously chauvinistic Mr. Breezy.

“I don’t know man, I guess the [boy] feels SAFE with K.T.,” surmises a source. “No problems and s-t except for when he booted her for a few days. But other than that, they really don’t fight and s-t. She’s cool. She listens to him and the one thing she don’t do that Ri-Ri did was mouth the f-k off. He can’t stand a b-ch that be doing that—all that loud mouth talking and being extra with everything. I’m not dissing Ri-Ri or anything, so don’t even make me come off sounding like that or else. He loves that girl and she loves him. But K.T. is chill. They really do get along and she not extra. She’s calm as f-k.”

Interesting. For someone so opposed to temper tantrums and drama, Mr. Breezy certainly seems to cause a lot of both. But according to the insider, CB has other reasons for being more Team Karrueche than Team Rihanna. There’s RihRih’s penchant for posting cryptic messages on Twitter for one thing. Actually, that is pretty annoying. And then of course, there’s the matter of Rihanna’s successful career, financial independence, and fame.

“K.T. ain’t no mega star like Ri-Ri,” the insider continued, “and don’t have all the “yes” mother-f—er’s in her face 24-7. A girl that has all that would be a little difficult to deal with at times — you feel me? K.T. is opposite of that. She’s a ride or die chick and Chris likes that. She ain’t going no where and he knows it. S-t, she knows it too. But even though that’s the way it is between he and K.T., Ri-Ri is true girl. He loves her. How they gone make it work is something them two have to figure out. Cause this back and forth sneaking around s**t has been going on for too long.”

No one could deny that the insider is as accurate as the World Almanac with that last appraisal of the CB/Rihanna romance. It is definitely growing tiresome. Maybe it’s time for these two psychos—er—crazy kids to you-know-what or get off the pot.

Anyway, there you have it. Chris Brown an insecure yet egotistical, sexist jerk who can’t bear the thought that a woman is as rich, famous, and successful as he—if not moreso? Who would have “thunk” it? He’s always seemed so stable and easy-going.

Stay tuned.

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