Why Daylight Savings Time Is So Difficult on the Workforce

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Daylight Savings Time 2012 (which happens tonight, for those not in the know) is sure to be a difficult adjustment for the general public, what with our circadian rhythms taking their time to regulate after the clock “springs forward” an hour, but did you know that it’s actually hard on the workplace, also?

According to a research team including Dr. Christopher Barnes, an Associate Professor at Virginia Tech University, the days following the spring time change are notorious for producing sleep deprivation in adults in the workplace, and sleep-deprived individuals are more likely to be off task at work, especially to surfing the web for personal reasons rather than for work, a term known as cyberloafing. These instances seem to peak after Daylight Savings Time.

“When people are low on sleep, they are less effective in exerting self-control, and therefore especially vulnerable to the temptation of cyberloafing,” Barnes explains.

i hate time change

What type of effect does Daylight Savings Time have on you, either at home or in the workplace? Do you find that your productivity goes down after “spring forward”? Or are you as on task as normal after the time change?

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